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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  February 17, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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we will get answers to all the questions about the death malcolm x. and first, the search of the truth. with american snipers going for oscar gold new revelations in the real life trial. what the man said as he sate in the back of a patrol car. and what aaron hern deds was doing in his attorney's car at 2:00 in the morning in a police station parking lot. and isis showing 20 christians beheaded. why is ark holder saying we are
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not in a time of war. and why is the phrase islamic extremism not front and center at the house. i want to begin with the american sniper trial. ed lavendera has that rr he says i'm soer in rouse about what is happening in my life today. i don't know what is happening. i have been so paranoid and he said ralph appears agitated in the video. he squirms around in the backside. other times, he rests his head. people who know him say the former marine changed before the killings. >> i did notice a change several
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months before all of this took place. it's hard to describe exactly. it just seemed like he was a little bit more jumpy. >> i got a woman and a kid 20 yards out. moving towards the convoy. >> the legend of chris kyle was well established by the time he took ral tof the country side gun range. but ralph seemed to be more frustrated than annoyed with the two men who tried to help him. the range of weapons were shown to the jury five long rifles and several handgun, one of kyle's rifled labeled american sniper. but ralph thought he was walking into a show down on that range. from inside the jail where ralph has spend the last two years, he spoke with a wryer from the new yorker magazine. ralph sounds annoyed and says so we are shooting pistols here.
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hmm, okay that is like saying duel mother. and later, he asked what sparked the killings and he blames chad littlefield. i was like, what the are you doing here. it's a shooting sport. you shoot. and i took care of business and i got in the truck and left. as prosecutors said in the opening statements -- >> i think the term for folks like him is troubled. this is a troubled young man rr with with you prosecutors say the troubled man isn't insane. these are the actions of a cold blooded killer. >> and one of the other bizarre moments in the trial today n the phone conversation with the writer from the new yorker magazine in the drive to the gun range. they told him that kris kyle and littlefield had taken him to a fast food restaurant and he said
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he was annoyed by that saying he was traying to force feed me. very business zash exchange. >> jody ralph, eddie's mother testified today. what did she say? >> he was one of the first witnesses that the defense team called. the prosecution rested earlier in the day. she said that days before that eddie ray ralph had been admitted in dallas and released and she talked about ho she begged them to keep him inside the hospital. and the cocktail of medications that he had been on in the previous months m nine different psychological medications. >> i want to bring in the judge. perrer is a former chief judge who proesided over the casey anthony trail. and judge perry, let's talk more about the testimony from ralph's
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mother. and the detail about him spending time in mental wards and the medication he was on. she said i just wanted to get help for my son. there are ten women on this jury. how do you think this played with them? >> well well dom, they are going to look at the following factors. they are going to look at that's his mom. they are going to look at that he is a deeply flawed individual that has psychological problems. but when they take all the problems and the drugs he was taking they are going to look at his conduct. they are going to look at his statements. that hi to take care of business. i took care of business i got in the truck and i left. they are going to be asked to look at his conduct, not before, but look at his conduct during and after that particular event. >> so judge alex yesterday there was a confession tape and
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telling an officer that he understand what he did was wrong. today, the jury heard a tape i have been so paranoid all day, i know it's difficult to get an insanity defense, but do you think an injuriy will believe that ralph is legally insane jentd themen? >> well they certainly could. it is very difficult. i think 1 in 10 are successful. what had you yesterday in the confession huh a bit of everybody. the prosecution got him to admit, the police did, that he knew what he was doing was wrong. and the defense will get up there and say, how much weight did can you give to a crazy guy telling you he is not crazy? well that statement, pairing up with the scene, and using the words, i fled. and saying i wish i could apologize to the families it shows a consciousness of what he did was wrong.
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and people generally tend to lump crazy as a category. and legal insanity. in texas, it's a disease or defect that causes you not to tell the difference between right and wrong. and maybe he has mental illness. maybe he has mental issues. and smoking marijuana and drinking whiskey. but he knew what he was doing and it was wrong. >> what about when you pair it up with his drug and alcohol use on the day of the shooting. how does that impact his insanity defense? >> well -- >> which judge? >> judge ferer? >> well, voluntary intoxication is not a defense to a cal tall crime. so if you exacerbate your situation by drink sbg taking
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drugs, you are still responsible for what happens. >> i want to read a part of the phone call. 24 is from a new yorker author. this is what he said he wrote on the day of the shooting. it smelled like -- this is the right one? it smelled like cologne in the car. i guess it was love and hate. you know it smelled like sweet cologne and sparts of it that are inaudible. i guess it was love and hate. you know i was smelling love and hate. they were giving me some love and some hate. can a jury interpret all of ralph's comment as being contrived? it seems like maybe an act, like he is trying to act -- >> certainly they can. here we have a guy that committed a horrible atrocious murder. and he has though do something after the fact admit what he did and say that he is ready to
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accept his punishment. or he is going to have to -- he is going to have to lay the ground work for the insanity defense. but either way, his conduct at the time and the fact that he acknowledges on several occasions, he knew the difference between right and wrong. and it's going to be a very tough road for the defense to overcome. but we still have to wait to hear what the experts have to say and what they are basing their opinions on. >> also in the same new yorker interview, he contradicts himself here. he have said in that interview that he shot littlefield first and then kyle. that is dprimpbt what he said in the confession to police. is that significant? >> yes and no. there's no question that the jury typically had a witness
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contradicts themselves, it's an indication of deception at least. but you are dealing with somebody who everybody would agree has some form of mental illness. is probably exacerbated it by what he smoked and drank that day. i'm in the sure how he shot two individuals, six or seven times with dampbt weapon i the answer to the question. that is not the significant point in the case. and judge perry pointed out, we're on the state side of the case. i expect to get a lot better from the defense as we move to their side. >> we have more to come. i want to get you react to the testimony in the aaron hernandez case. and also war of words. and outrage with isis the white house has a commit with no mention of islamic extremism.
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we will have rick santorum about that.
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>> i want to turn to the other trial makes headlines tonight. the murder trial of former new england patriots star aaron hernandez. susan candiotti. >> reporter: it's 2:00 a.m. and
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aaron hernandez is in a police station parking lot, voluntarily meeting with detectives. he gets into his lawyer's car. several hours after the body is found, shot dead in an industrial park keys to a car rented by hernandez found by lloyd's body lead police to question him. and security camera show hernandez and his lawyer who walks away. with the car's interior light on. hernandez removes his blackberry battery and cover. >> jurors watch him pick up another phone. first, he quickly puts his phone back together and makes a call on the borrowed phone. >> so he is using one phone, texting or calling and the other is on his lap. apart. >> and how long did you watch him in the camera?
7:16 pm
>> around 20 minutes. >> without the jury present, the judge says hernandez calls ernest wallace, also charged with murdering lloyd. jurors are not told the second phone belongs to the lawyer nor that hernandez was calling wallace. the defense plays down the phone swap. >> you saw him slide off the back cover and pop out the battery? >> okay? >> is that what you saw? >> yes. >> all right, you didn't see him smashing his phone, did you? >> no. >> you didn't see him destroying his phone, did you? >> no. >> and you're away are you not, that that phone was later turned over to the state police right? >> i believe so yes. >> jurors learned about another surveillance camera. in the basement a man cave a bar, big screen tv and pool table. when the camera is put in he
7:17 pm
asked the installer how to disable it. >> he said is it possible to disable it. and i said we could label the cameras and you can just unplug them. and he said that is a good idea. why don't we do that. >> that camera cable is labeled man cave. that's the only camera in the house prosecutors say is turned off when hernandez goes to the basement minutes after lloyd is shot. a gun allegedly in his hand. now, jurors are also shown two potentially critical pieces of evidence. a wad of blue brubl gum and a 45 caliber shell casing both found in a rental car that was returned by hernandez. a car that they say he used to
7:18 pm
drive to an industrial park. and the blue bubble game had the hernandez dna on it. and the shell matched the shell casings found at the murderen scene. >> what about in hernandez's home. did detectives foind ammunition there as well? >> reporter: will is testimony about that too. they showed a box of ammo they said was found in the basement of hernandez's home. he is also charged not only with murder with illegal possession of ammunition. that ammunition. and it went with a .22 caliber gun that was found tossed in the woods of oden lloyd's murder and later recovered by investigators. >> our judges are back to react to that now. okay judge perry, you first.
7:19 pm
the ammunition shell casing found. the murder weapon a .45 caliber firearm, is never found. how important it is for juries to see a murderen weapon? >> it's important but it's not favored to the case. off times in homicide weapons are not recovered. but you have powerful evidence the shell casing and the other things that tend to show or have a connection to mr. hernandez. so it's not to the state's case. >> judge allen, i want to get this straight. hernandez's attorney left him in his car with his phone and hernandez's own phone and walked away why he called his accomplice. why would he do that? >> there are a lot of reasons. one, he knows that he is going
7:20 pm
to make a phone call that lawyer doesn't want to hear. the battery taken out of the phone, it could be that he knows or told by his lawyer that the police are able -- if they have a wiretap, are about to activate a phone if it's off and listen in on conversations unless you take the battery out. so he may have done it to make sure they couldn't listen in on the conversation he was about to have on the other phone with the person who is now a co-defendant. >> should he have an expectation of privacy in a public parking lot? >> you certainly can have an expectation of privacy any where. it may not be reasonable. >> a well-lit police parking lot, there is an expectation of privacy? >> yeah no i'm saying that can expect it all they want. what the law protects is a reasonable expectation. it couldn't matter if the police
7:21 pm
had a warrant. it helps you when the police don't have the a warrant. then they can say, you should have gotten a warrant. but if the police got a wiretap warrant and were going to be listening in on the conversations, he would be out of luck. >> what about the why he wlanted to unplug the camera in his man cave? do you think the jury will buy that? >> well, they could believe his story or they could believe that he had something he did not want them to see that was a nature. those are two choices. i would bet on the latter choice that he had something to hide. >> but he is dismantling his phone -- go ahead, judge. >> i was just going to say, as judge perry pointed out this is a circumstantial case but it's a strong circumstantial case. some of the pieces they have a shoe print that matches the his shoe at the scene where lloyd's
7:22 pm
body was found. .45 caliber casing that matches the casings at the scene, found in the car that hernandez rented and also hernandez's dna on the casing himself. and hernandez told a friend-his that he bought a .45 caliber handgun. so you have a lot of pieces that tie a .45 caliber handgun with a casing that matches the katsings on the scene and matches the type of weapon that was used to kill lloyd. yeah, it's a sirks shl case -- >> if tim not mistaken i think the .45 caliber casing was in the rental car at the agency. is that a big difference? >> that might be true. >> both dismantling the phone. and you talked about the circumstantial evidence. and unplugging the camera in his
7:23 pm
man cave. most people will view that as suspicious activity. don't you think? >> they will view it as suspicious activity. and alex said all the circumstances just don't happen. there are going to be one or two suspicious things. but when you have multiple things they tend to make a very strong evidence that leads to a conviction. >> there is one right after the other. thank you very much judges. i appreciate it. the white house con vines a summit to battle islamic extremism. why are not not using the terms? we will talk about it next.
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isis on the offensive in iraq tonight. and meanwhile, the white house
7:28 pm
convenes a summit how to combat violent extremism with up to 60 nations taking part. they are going out of their way to not call radical islam a threat. and eric holder we are not in a time of war. joining me now, rick santorum the author of "bella's gift." a great book. thanks for joining us. >> thanks. appreciate you having me on. >> isis has just killed 20 christians. do you think it's a nature of the threat? >> no i join people on both sides of the aisle on this. and i gave a speech back in 2006 at the national press club. and a few days after that speech i was in a meeting with president bush and i handed him that speech. and i said mr. president, you
7:29 pm
have to start identifying who the enemy is. we have to identify who is the enemy is bring the world together to fight the scourge that is within islam. and what president obama is doing is a continuation of the policy to ignore the reality, this is a serious problem within islam and we have to understand they are engage fld a holy war using -- the videos i see, i see the people holding the koran more than i see it -- other muslims. they are serious people who have a serious vision of what their faith dictates. it's a vision based on 7th century islam and it has to be confronted. >> you said there is a cancer within islam and islam needs to clean house. why do you say that?
7:30 pm
>> they are imitateing early islam. they are quoting the sacred text the koran, and following the text to a tee based on what early islamic conquering happened at the time of mohammed. and they are applying the tactics and all of of the things, in the modern world, seems bar baric, but back then everyone was sort of doing it. they were not outrageous tactics, 1400 years ago. and these folks are applying the same types of principles in the modern world. >> in all fairness moderate muslims will say that does not represent islam. >> well it may not represent
7:31 pm
islam today. the vast majority of muslims do not approve of it. and what do we have to do to stop it. and we fwheed a leader to -- no one else is going to do it. we have to repair the damage that the president has done pulling the troops outs of iraq in the first place. and i heard that 10,000 troops to be there to support the iraqi government we need toe be arming and helping more with the jordanians. they are willing to fight. we need an air attack -- and we need to eliminate isis is iraq. we need to do it now. >> do you think we are in a time of war? attorney general eric holder said that we are not a time of war and hitting more than 4800 targets in iraq and if this is is not a time of war, that is
7:32 pm
it? >> well that is sort of the confusing thing to suggest we are not at war and then to suggest that we are acting to defeat isis if we are not engaging them in war. that is -- you don't know which side -- they are speaking out of both sides of their mouth. the reality is eric holder represents the values that the president brought to the fight. this is not a war. this is a public relations stunt and not engaging -- >> why the hesitancy, why the hesitancy? >> i think it's political correctness. i think the president is adverse to saying anything negative about islam and i understand. no one wants to say anything negative. but when you look at the fact that people say a very small percent after the muslims is
7:33 pm
radicals. well there is 1.2 billion muslims. that is 60 million people. 7% of germans were nazis. it's who has the power. who is wielding that power and who is leading. and right now, isis is leading and attracting a lot of people. >> i want to get to a bunch of things including your book. and this is a poll you are the former chair of the senate committee. and 67% of americans support ground troops to fight isis. you say that we need to do more. do you think we need to send grund troops? >> absolutely. i'm not a military expert. he sus jested 10,000 peoples to support the kurds and the iraqi force. >> you president obama compared
7:34 pm
us lammic extremism to christian faith. >> to compare something that happened 1,000 years to go to what -- saying that we can't point out the barbarity of what happened in the name of their faith -- i watched that ed thated that beheading. i made myself watch it so it's seered in my mind. and it's a passion to bring back that barbarity in this group of muslims and we have every right to be on our high horse. >> i want to talk about your new back. it's called "bella's gift." and what has a special needs daughter taught you about life? has it made you more human snn.
7:35 pm
>> i don't know about more human. maybe more humane. yes, certainly having a child with a disability opening your eyes to the gift of every day. this a girl who is fragile and someone who wasn't supposed to live for but a few days and a few weeks and the power of love. the constant love we gift. and every chapter of the book begins with the word love. and it teaches us what a powerful gift that love is. and we feel blessed to have an opportunity to serve her. she can't do much herself. but we are blessed to love her and more blessed she can love us back. and ma thaks us more humane. >> politicians are not exactly human. people think. i have to ask you, and we sparred on the last time on the campaign trail last time when you ran. i'm wondering if you are going
7:36 pm
to -- >> i don't know if big guys like you who have their own show let you out there, and you may be seeing me. it not going to make any decisions until late spring or early sum interin between that time, we will talk about national security and how important it is to help average workers in america to be able to rise. >> that is a solid maybe, i see. >> a solid maybe. >> can we put the book back um? "bella's gift" and it was written by senator santorum and his wife. >> thank you for having me on. >> and growing attack. and assault on religious institutions here in the united states. what is going on? along the way emily went right on living. but you see, with the help of her raymond james financial advisor,
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what sure seems like religion religious institutions and people who practice their fades. >> reporter: minutes outside of a terrorism attack in denmark saturday the suspect pledges his loyalty to isis on facebook.
7:41 pm
last month in paris before four hostages are killed in a kosher supermarket, he also pledges allegiance to isis. north carolina last week three students killed by a man who spoke out against organize the religion. they are conducts to see if there is a hate crime. >> some of the things that are happening right now, such as the spread of the toxic ideology. it's a mass slaughter of christians. >> >> reporter: on sunday, isis singles out christians in a mass execution in libya. and egypt retaliates with air
7:42 pm
strikes and a temp until washington is desecrated with a swastika and the words get out, after they celebrate the great night of shiva. and a catholic church in denver have the heads and hands of a statue broken off. days before the letten holiday. and graffiti with the words this is a hate crime. against islam, allah and the prophet mohammed. and the flames arrested a homeless man who insisted it was an accident. >> government security will do all it can. the public needs to do its part
7:43 pm
to maintain a heads up and report things to authorities. we can't let them profoundly impact us. the bad guys. that is the essence of terrorism. >> it's too soon to tell if this is a coincidence, a trent, or much, much more. >> and i want to know what religious leaders think about that. joining me the author of "kosher lust." and the author of "a priestes struggle with love." and from the all bulles area muslim society. i want to know if you are fearful your house of worship will be a target of terrorism. father? >> i would feel worried if any religious group is attacked because of they faith. and that is my fundamental
7:44 pm
concern. isle not particularly concerned about my group being attacked but i feel saddened with any group. >> synagogues are targets, yes, i am concerned. >> what about you? >> for sure i'm concerned about the muslim community. we have seen three people lost their life in north carolina. >> we will talk about this n a segment after the break. when we come back, president barack obama, avoiding the phrase islamic extremism. before larry instantly transferred money from his bank of america savings account to his merrill edge retirement account. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season". and before he quit his friend's leaf-raking business for "not offering a 401k." larry knew the importance of preparing for retirement. that's why when the time came he counted on merrill edge to streamline his investing and help him plan for the road ahead. that's the power of streamlined connections. that's merrill edge and bank of america.
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know better sleep with sleep number. talking about religion being under atablg and war of words have broken out on rngs extremism and has it reached the white house. joining me now on guesses. i want to ask you, this, iman you said you were concerned about attacks of muslims inside of place of worship. >> yes, i'm worried because of the crimes being committed
7:49 pm
against our people. in chapel. those are the most active integrated and energetic young people. >> and it happened outside of a mosque. >> yeah can you imagine someone knocked somebody's door and killed people inside their home? if that happened, that is a possibility that somebody is attacked in a place of worship. we have seen attacks on mosques in texas. we have as a muslim community working with the larger community, christians and jewish leaders. and against any of the religious bigotry. and we have a policeman -- >> okay -- >> and also the issue as well. >> i want to get to rabbi. you said that you were concerned about it happens in the temples and synagogues as well among jews. why is that?
7:50 pm
>> i wish it weren't true mimp don't want to play a game of suffering one upmanship. >> we are talking about all religions here. >> true. it's synagogues in copenhagen. a jewish deli and a jcc in belgium and kansas city. and events in the last three months. and threats against israel. of course we are concerned. and jewish about semiteismsemitism. and that is -- and my muslim brothers and sisters as i have said have got to speak up. it's becoming a threat and i will condemn any extremism.
7:51 pm
and i will trust they do the same. >> the tloou day summit. president obama s he correct in calling the summit the counter on violent extremism as opposed to violent islamic extremism? >> islam does not endorse the killing of innocent people. there is a verse in the koran f you have taken the life of an innocent person you have taken the life of all munty. and if you save one life, you have saved the life of all of hun manti. it's a verse in the old testament, by the way. and we condemn violent extremism done in the name of islam. >> so you think the terminology matters and you are happy with them not calling it islamic extremism? >> slultly. because islam does not approve
7:52 pm
of extreme ideology and killing innocent people. >> father does the terminology mat center should it be called islamic extremism? >> no i think the terminology is right the way the president said it. we have to end the cycle of hate. the follower of jesus, we believe in a god of love and i believe my brothers also on the panel believe in a god of love and it's a problem when religious people are fighting back and forth because of one particular radical group and promoting the hate crimes. i got to tell you, when i hear about anti-semitism in europe it affects me and we pray for it in church. when i hear about islams or muslims attacked it hurts me. but our people are concerned about what is happening with christians throughout the world.
7:53 pm
they feel like christians are being targeted and they feel that some how the message is not being told clearly. there is want enough denouncing not just from the islamic community that is moderate and understands the problem, we would like see more religious leaders come forward and say it's wrong. >> you mean of all faiths? >> yeah all faiths. we need into speak out. >> so the conversation has been about whether islam is a more violent religion. do you think, rabbi, that any one can be more violent on any other? >> well in different epochs definitely. and president obama said that christianity was violent in the time of crusaders. that is true. but most is now in the name of islam. now f every islam is an islamic ambassador like by brother, they
7:54 pm
could flourish. but that is not going to happen. and a white house meet egg of extremeism extremism, it could be about the nfl head to head. and we have to bravely talk about what is the problem. and i want the muslim brothers and sisters no never be tarred by that. and it's important to say extremist islam. and if you don't call the conferencefy that name, how can he condemn it. i fear that the white house is not leading and using euphemisms that are confusing. >> i want i mam to respond. >> i would like to say that extremism is in every religious. we are standing against any kind of use of islam to justify killing innocent people. i condemn it.
7:55 pm
and i am troulged we jipgs christians, for their tolerance in the middle east. and i stood on the ground of the holocaust museum. >> i have to go but i understand that you are going to be -- you are going to be at the white house for that summit with the president. and you met with him just a few week guy and you are going to discuss it more with him. woi luldic to invite all of you back. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back.
7:56 pm
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an eye opening look at how drones like the ones hunting isis are used here in the united states on the border. breaking news from the front line. major offensive against isis in iraq and new reporting that evidence that the gunman in paris and in the supermarket were communicating by phone and the person in the coordinating their acts of terror. chief national correspondent jim sciutto is working both of those angles for us. he joins us now. both of these in isis now. what's going on? >> reporter: to the next of urbeale. 9:00 local time. a little sophistication there. a couple points about it. one, there's a lot of talk about